RiskNucleus® BM-Delta

Pakistan Regulatory Digital Library

RiskNucleus® BM-Delta - Pakistan Regulatory Digital Library

A Platform Provides the Base for Compliance Management

RiskNucleus® BM Delta provides the base for compliance management within an organization by keep updating users about new laws and regulations through notifications on a regular basis.

Enhance Compliance Risk Management

For better performance, growth and financial stability, it is very important to manage risk. Risk Management is very useful tool for the survival of organizations. It allows and gives opportunity to institutions, to take risk but with full knowledge and with clear understanding in order to control and mitigate it.

An organization will be exposed to compliance risk when there is a failure to comply with laws and regulations. Legal penalties, financial forfeiture and material loss are some of the risks which organizations can face when fail to act in accordance with required Industry procedures. Compliance risk management allows you to minimize cost and maximize profit to provide superior performance.

RiskNucleus Portal automate and streamline the process of updating users about new laws & regulations through simple process of subscription and help organizations to ensure the teams can better manage and control evolving risk to meet reporting requirements.

Subscription Membership Features

  • - Basic Level *
  • - Notify user about new laws, regulations, guidelines, circulars & notifications
  • - Initially Launch in Pakistan, Rule Book is available for:
    • • SBP - State Bank of Pakistan
    • • NAB - National Accountability Bureau (Pakistan)
    • • SECP - Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
    • • CCP - The Competition Commission of Pakistan
    • • FIA - Federal Investigation Agency
    • • FE Manual – Foreign Exchange Manual

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